Okay, kids, here I go!

7 Oct

Alrighty, so due to popular demand among my Facebook friends… er, all 5 of them (I lie), I’m starting a beauty blog on my make-up adventures. And probably some fashion-related ongoings as well.

Firstly, I went to play with zee Poison Ivy look for Halloween. I was really inspired by a girl I saw on YouTube, where she had some simple eyeshadows and used a rubber stamp for vines along her temple. Hrm… *coughcheatercough* lol. Just my luck, I am terrible at drawing them myself. Maybe she had something going there….

(((I will tack on a picture once I figure out how.)))


don't judge my ivy.


Ah, okay. Helps to look at the toolbar. This was self-taken with my phone. Don’t judge my MySpace angled peechur here… I was trying to show one eye only because I was too lazy to apply lashes to my other eye.

Anyhoos, I basically got bored and applied on top of whatever makeup I had on from this morning. I was feeling lazy (and running late) this morning, so I just applied eyeliner. For this look, I used:

NYX jumbo pencil in milk
ELF cream shadow in olive (green side)
NYX e/s in spring leaf (all over lid)
NYX e/s in mermaid greem (in crease, and all over face — MAC dupe for Humid—yay!)
NYX chrome e/s in green (in crease and extending out to temples)
NYX black (along lashline)

For the ivy, I just played around with a pencil eyeliner. I’m not loving the “faded” effect it has, so on Halloween, I’ll be using my Milani Infinite liquid liner instead. WahoOOO! And also, my inner diva told me I needed a pop of color so I dabbed some NYX cream blush in hot pink randomly as “flowers”. Hehe, I’m lame. ❤

Eyelashes were from EBAY…yay.

For lips, I originally went with Revlon colorburst in coral. But it seems garish to me. So I dusted some NYX Mermaid Green e/s on it. It became a coppery color with a duochrome effect. Awesome-ness.

Fall makeup confuses me. It’s supposed to be smoky eyes season. I do smokies year-round. What do I do now? Maybe I’ll rock the overblushed look. Teehee. Will post!


And once I get my employee discount…….. possibly 40% off all make-up.

Oh, God, yes.


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