A new take on a classic Fall smokey eye…

23 Oct

Came up with this look using colors from my ELF Beauty Encyclopedia (basic eye edition). The colors are extremely soft and easy to blend and are simply amaaaaaaazing! Looooving it! 😀

I used my ELF cream liner in black as a base, then pat on the bronze color and blending the edges out. Using a pointed fluffy crease brush (Studio Tools), I added a dark  purple into my crease and lower lash line. Used the shimmery beige in the palette on my browbone and inner corners as highlight. Finished it with some false lashes from Forever 21. 🙂

For blush, I decided to go with a baby pink. I started using MAC Well Dressed, but it wasn’t showing up (I’m not pale enough yet), and I went with my Victoria’s Secret Runway blush instead.

My lips, I dabbed on a little bit of NYX Orange Soda lipstick, and I didn’t have lipgloss on when I took this pic. But I realized it looked kinda dry >_> so I added some nude lipgloss (NYX Whipped) for moisture/shine.

I love this look, I think it is very appropriate for Fall, super simple, and it is unique too. Who would’ve thunk bronze and purple could blend so beautifully together? In truth, all colors can work well with each other (I believe it’s okay to mix silver with gold), you just have to know how to blend it. 😉

Products mentioned:
ELF Beauty Encyclopedia (basic eye edition) ($5.00, eyeslipsface.com)

Studio Tools fluffy crease brush ($1.99, Target)

ELF cream eyeliner in black ($3.00, eyeslipsface.com)

Forever 21 lashes (set of two, $2.80)

MAC Well Dressed ($18.50) / Victoria’s Secret Runway (discontinued)

NYX Orange Soda round lipstick ($4.00, nyxcosmetics.com)

Swatches of the ELF palettes are still to come… Sorry, I’ve been exhausted from work and the last thing I want to do is play with 24 different eyeshadows. >_>


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