Make-up I’ve been dillydallying with… and new favorite hair dye!

9 Dec

I’m admittedly really lazy about updating, lol. Nothing really crazy. I’ve been trying to go easy on the make-up because my skin is throwing tantrums. The pictures don’t show the chaos, due to great foundation/concealer, lighting, angles, and um, *coughretouchingcough*. 😛

It’s slowly starting to clear up again… Maybe my skin just didn’t like Fall. It’s super chilly in NYC (20s-30s). My skin is oddly becoming more on the dry side. Not even combination anymore… just dry. Very interesting change from a super oily summer.

Frosty 🙂

Green eyes and pink lips! Purty. 😀

Navy smoky eye with a faked crease and winged liner, and mascara. Take that, monolids!

inspired by Michelle Phan’s New Year’s Glam look.
Yes, I only did one side of my face to test out the look.

Maybe I’ll come up with something festive for Christmas. Mebbe.

I need to re-dye my hair.

I followed Eki’s (blogger/YouTuber)  recommendation/review to use L’Oreal Preference True Brunette in UL61 (Ultra Light Ash Brown—and made for dark hair!), and I had my sister apply it for me… It was very patchy because I only used one box for my longish hair… yikes. Haha. I did like the color, though it washed out/faded pretty quickly, despite being really careful with products. =\ I’m just glad it didn’t fry up my hair like a donut like the Feria Downtown Brown I used over the summer. ICK. But I really enjoy the Ultra Light Ash Brown, so I will be sticking to it! 😀 Only downside was that my hair still looks reddish. *Shakes fist* I chose “ash” because it’s going to be more cooler, thus canceling out the red… but alas… Maybe if I used two boxes, it will work better.


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