My current favorite things…

9 Dec

from top left to right:
ELF Studio Complete Coverage Concealer (light and medium, $3 each): I think these are pretty decent concealers for $3. They are easy to apply, and are very blendable and slightly hydrating. They don’t have quite the coverage of (my ultimate favorite) MAC Studio Finish Concealer, but I enjoy the range and the fact that I can customize to a color to suit my needs. It’s also not very thick, so I don’t have to worry about breaking out. =)

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse (240 Natural Beige, prices vary):  I first purchased this foundation around the end of summer and wasn’t quite in love with it. In fact, I didn’t like it very much at all. But my skin has been getting REALLY dry ever since the weather got cooler, and my skin is seeking moisture! I retried this product, and much to my disbelief, it didn’t leave me greasy or anything.  The color also matches me superbly well (I have very yellowy tones), though compared to the rest of the Maybelline Dream line, 240/Medium 2-2.5/Natural Beige, this runs kind of light. I have the Dream Matte mousse in the same color, and it is hella yellow and dark! The Dream Liquid Mousse (another one I used to hate but currently like) is in-between the two. Although the staying power isn’t all that great, it leaves me with a natural (and buildable) converage that doesn’t look caked on. 🙂 It looks amazing with the next product. 😉

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (Beige, Medium 2-2.5, prices vary): AHH! I’ve been using this since the end of the summer and I cannot say enough great things about it! It goes on pretty much translucent and keeps me matte way better than a lot of expensive powders. I don’t find myself reaching for it as much, since it’s (almost) winter, but I do still use it occasionally to set my foundation, to prevent it from traveling anywhere. =) Very lovely powder.

MAC Select Moisturcover (NW25, $16): I got this for my undereye area. Before this, I was using my Studio Finish in NC 35, but it was too dark and too heavy. I went to a MAC store and a MUA recommended NW25. It virtually makes my dark circles disappear. Really happy. 😀 Plus, it’s liquid, so it will blend really well into the skin.

AVON Glimmersticks Waterproof Brow Definer (Tawny, $?): A friend gave this to me and I was never able to find a use for it because it was waay too light for my eyebrows. But ever since I dyed my hair with the L’Oreal Preference in U61, it matches perfectly!

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner (Stingray, $20): OMGILOVETHISOMG. I got this at the Sephora VIB sale back in October and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with it. I was hesistant because it’s so pricey, but wowza, it’s way better than any liner I’ve used. It’s a super dark black and doesn’t smudge on me (after letting it dry for a few seconds). I was also nervous because the name says “SMUDGE” and which I always associated with creamy, blendable aka “NO LASTING POWER AND IT WILL MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A RACOON”…  but… IT DID NOT. AHHHH! HAPPY JOYOUS DAY. 😀

Shiseido Eyelash Curler ($19): I didn’t like it when I first got it, but after getting used to the design (it’s less rounded to suit Asian eyes), I’ve been loving how well it curls my lashes. My lashes never could hold a curl well, but this did the job. 😀

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (No. 23, prices vary): I purchased this last year, and I didn’t like it all too much because it made me a grease pit after an hour or so (even in winter). I stashed it away and tried it again in the summer (topped with MAC MSFN) and it was even worse. So it went back into storage. I wanted to like it, but my skin wasn’t having it. Fall comes and my skin was thirsty, so it made sense to me to try it again… and YES. Love at last.

This post made me realize how temperamental my skin is. Rawr.


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