I have never… & eyelash curlers!

29 Dec

…finished a full-sized cosmetic item before.

In the past, I’ve only come close to finishing a product *ONLY BECAUSE* I am a complete butterfingers with a distinct lack of physical grace (I’m a Libra, but alas, I was not blessed as such), and I drop EVERYTHING. Mostly it’s because my vanity is the top of my IKEA Malm dresser. And yes, things end up on the floor, shattered. My bedroom floor becomes a rainbowed mess of eyeshadows, bronzers, and other powders. 😦

I also partially blame this phenomenon on my inability to commit to a single product. I am a true beauty junkie and I cannot seem to buy enough make-up. ***And I am currently obsessed and drawn to blushes!***

For 2011, as my beauty resolution, I vow to finish a full-sized product—that I have not dropped/destroyed/depleted in some way other than regular use.

What is your beauty resolution?

Oh yes, my best friend’s family went to Hong Kong these past few weeks, and I received a present. 🙂

I have never heard of Cyber Colors, but I was super excited to get a Shu curler. Yes, they both come with 1 extra pad.

Cyber Colors, Shu Uemura, Shiseido — notice how Shiseido opens up a lot wider! Great for false lashes when you are curling real lashes and falsies together. (they are opened at their widest)

Cyber Colors, Shu Uemura, Shiseido — this is the widest they open!

Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Cyber Colors — Look how much flatter Shiseido is!!! I think this is so well-loved amongst Asians because of our “less contoured”, AKA “flatter” features. I admit it. Sometimes I look like I have a flat face. -___-; Anyway, I think it would be more appropriate for monolids or maybe just anyone who has a flatter eye surface.

Here I am demonstrating the before and afters of using the  Shiseido and Shu Uemura curlers. Please don’t judge the eyebags (it’s almost 4am and I have washed off all my make-up already) or say something stupid about how small my eyes are. They are small. Yes, I’m aware. They do not have a crease. Yes, I’m aware of that too. Thanks!

What’s your opinion?

My personal conclusion that they are basically the same… except that it was harder for me to fit all my lashes into the Shu curler ONLY because I was used to the wide “mouth” of the Shiseido curler. It gave me a larger space to position my lashes into. Both were developed by Asian brands, catering towards (but not limited to!) Asian features.  Both retail for $19. The Shu curler isn’t as readily available as the Shiseido. I have not seen the curlers in Sephora (in-store) for a while, BUT I know for a fact the Shiseido curler is available on Sephora.com. As for Shu, it is no longer available at Sephora (both in-store and online), but you can find it at Shu Uemura.

Thanks for stopping by!


2 Responses to “I have never… & eyelash curlers!”

  1. Clara December 29, 2010 at 8:57 am #

    Hey Rose! Saw a link to your blog on facebook and I am super impressed. Your makeup skills are make me jealous! 🙂

  2. Alex December 29, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    Thanks for your Post! Perfect~
    I Love mascara, Great eyelash curlers and all things Lashes.

    My favorite is the Hot Lashes heated 2 pc lash curler! You may want to read reviews on Amazon about Cult favorite Hot Lashes Makeup artist Kit..Absolute best out there~!

    They have an amazing sturdy 24K gold metal curler similiar to the Shu Uemura and Sheisdo one that comes with its own seperate pink small heater base that heats just the pad in the curler, this way my curl lasts till the next day.

    Makes my eyes POP and Keeps my lashes curly till the next day. they have a website hotlashes…HTH~

    Major Rave, the cadillac of curlers..so worth the price. My friends and I love love love this one! Best by far,,
    HTH~…:) Abundant New years blessings..

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