Little Sephora Haul (OPI Polishes!)

18 Feb

I saw in my Beauty Insider e-mail for a free OPI nail polish (Access 24/7) with any online order, and I HAD to get it. T_T Plus, certain OPI shades were on sale for $5 (originally $9).

2 coats each, no base coat, no top coat

I got:

– Access 24/7 – “opaque juicy magenta pink”
– Special Request – “opaque modern tangerine coral”
– Fancy Schmancy – “sheer metallic silver”
– Run with it! – “opaque metallic dove gray”
– IM Beauty – “opaque bright yellow buttercup”

I really love OPI polishes because they go on really smoothly and applies really well.

I was looking most forward to IM Beauty because I’ve been hounding for a pastel yellow polish for a while now. It’s still not the shade I want, but I’m not entirely unhappy with it. Here I compare it to other yellow polishes I own:

**3 coats to achieve opacity (though the Sally Hansen was opaque within 2 coats), no base coat, no top coat

Sephora by OPI IM Beauty, Forever 21 Love & Beauty Light Yellow, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening

Special Request happens to be my favorite, just because I love coral nails, especially for summer. Here I compare it to similar polishes I own:

**3 coats to achieve opacity, no base coat, no top coat

Pure Ice Coral Reef, Sephora by OPI Special Request, Revlon Tropical Temptation, OPI Off With Her Red!, Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up

Access 24/7 is a nice bright hot pink. I only have one other color to compare it to, “Flirt Alert” from Pure Ice. I bought mine at Walmart a few years ago. I’m not sure where else they have them… The Flirt Alert’s first coat was nearly  completely opaque while the Access 24/7 was still sheer.

**after 1 coat

Pure Ice Flirt Alert, Sephora by OPI Access 24/7

**2-3 coats each, no base coat, no top coat

Next is the Run with it! polish. I imagined it to be a little lighter, and contemplated returning it before I tried it. But I tried it on anyway, and I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s a lot prettier on the nail than the bottle.

**2 coats (only!), no base coat, no top coat

Sephora by OPI Run with it!, Maybelline Express Finish Gray-T Glamour

Last, but not least, is Fancy Schmancy. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but it really doesn’t look silver to me. It sure is sparkly… and sheer. I normally don’t wear shimmery nails (I like opaque cremes), and it was a baby blue color in the bottle with a grayish tinge to it. Looks gross in the bottle actually, like some really tacky nail polish from Bonne Belle you bought as a kid with your $5 weekly allowance. On the nail, it actually looks quite pretty. The shimmers are very fine, but they are not especially easy to remove (unlike cremes)… but a lot easier than glitter polishes. Oh, yes, I really have nothing to compare this to…

**3 gloppy coats later.., no base coat, no top coat

My nails now…

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Mint

**3 coats (I like it VERY opaque!), Seche Clear – base coat, Seche Vite – top coat

Yeah, I know. I really suck at painting my nails and it gets really messy… I just kind of let it wash off when I’m in the shower, lol.


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