17 Jun

It has been a super long time since my last post, and I’m going to be honest… I just felt lazy about updating/writing. It’s not that I’m trying to ignore my quiet readers here, but it’s just a thing about me. When I commit myself to writing something, my mind runs through a billion ideas at a time and my fingers are never fast enough to keep up, lol. But here, now, I’m dedicating myself to you for a few minutes, and hope you will bear with me for this entry. πŸ™‚

As stated in my past few entries, I have been dealing with some temperamentally dry/combination skin. Depending on the weather, my face ranges from extra dry to … naturally dewy. Recently in New York City, it went from 100 degrees with high humidity to about 60s and 70s with lots of thunderstorms. Well, at least you know summer is here… So anyway, today I’m going to show y’all a bunch of my go-to summer products, for both face and body.

Β Face:

To keep your makeup lasting longer, the answer is simple: use a primer. Back when I had oily skin, I depended on a product that can be found in your medicine cabinet… Philips Milk of Magnesia. Yes, we all know what it is originally intended for, but it was a great way to soak up excess oil on the face. Only thing was to be careful with applying it because it does leave a white powdery residue if too much is used. I lightly dab with a cotton ball and apply my liquid foundation over it. However, word of warning, if you are combo skin like me, I recommend this only applied to your T-zone, or where you are more oily. Nowadays, since I am less oily, when I choose to use a primer (I don’t use it everyday), I go for my Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream. I apply a very light layer, and I find it enough to keep my nose from getting oily. I then go apply my liquid or mineral foundation.

My favorite foundation for the summer is definitely Maybelline SuperStay. People have compared it to Revlon Colorstay, and though they are similar in coverage, I find SuperStay to actually, well, stay. RCS kind of fades for me after a bit, and feels very goopy and thick on the skin. Plus, the only shade that matches me is Golden Beige, when I am more pale. Anything after that is too pink for me. The MSS has a great range for both pink and yellow tones. Both have relatively quick drying times and leaves a natural-matte finish for me. I apply it with the ELF Studio Powder Brush spritzed lightly with MAC Fix+.

This item is relatively new to my face routine, mainly because I never had the skin to handle the formulas beforehand. Facial sprays. As I mentioned, I use MAC Fix+ on my foundation brush, but sometimes when my skin is feeling dry (from indoor AC, for example), I enjoy spraying my face slightly to rehydrate. They can also help “melt” your makeup a bit, if you were too heavy-handed, leaving your skin a little more natural-looking. I like to carry my Sephora Flash Radiance Spray (this is discontinued but they have new variations of it) around with me during the day so I can retouch my face to freshen up. I usually use a blotting tissue to pat around any oily areas, then I spritz, wave my hands across my face like a crazy woman, and when my face is more or less dried, I lightly powder across the areas where I need it.

In terms of other makeup products, I don’t really have any specific items I switch out. I have been favoring highlighters as of late to keep my skin looking glowy. πŸ™‚ I like MAC Strobe Cream (it comes in mini-size now!) and Physicians Formula Happy Booster powder in Translucent. I dust it on top of my cheeks and a teeny bit down my nose.

Ooh, insanely important: SUN PROTECTION. I’ve become a major nut when it comes to skincare now, because your makeup would look horrendous if you don’t have good skin. You don’t need *perfect* skin (good lord, I don’t imagine anyone living in NYC with all the pollution would have perfect skin), but you want to be able to keep your skin as healthy and happy as you can. I make sure I prevent skin disease and early wrinkles with sunscreen every time I go out. I bring sunglasses with me. And recently, I purchased a big sun hat. 8D I might look like a grandma, but at least I’ll still look young when I become one. πŸ™‚ Look for sunscreen with both UVA and UVB. UVB protection can be found on the SPF level, but the UVA protection can be found on the PA level (Shiseido sunscreen has PA++). Broad-spectrum is also another name for it. Oh yes, in terms of what level of SPF is appropriate, you should always have SPF 30 or higher on your face. However, the FDA is banning sunscreens with SPF higher than 50, mainly because it offers the same protection as does, say, a SPF 100, would.


Water, water, water. It’s not going to make you fat.

Deodorant. Need I say more?

Baby powder. This is a must to carry around for me, especially on hot sticky humid days… and also for the beach! I dust some powder all over my warm spots (my upper back, under my bra, crook of my elbows, behind my knees), so it will absorb some of the sweat and keep me drier. I suggest using it when your skin is not too wet, otherwise you will end up with baby powder paste everywhere (Ross from Friends?). Β It is also handy dandy at the beach because it will remove (most of the) sand off your skin! I usually do this before I get into the car when I head home because the driver/owner of the car will always be 100% upset if they find a mini-desert in their upholstery.

Now this next item was discontinued from Bath and Body Works, but I’m sure there are similar sprays out there. I have two of their cooling mists. It is basically a body spray in an aerosol can, and it emits a ice-cold sprinkle of fragrance. I love this stuff. I hope they bring it back. *crosses fingers* I love spraying this stuff down the back of my shirt and anywhere else I’m feeling warm. Plus, you will smell better. LOL.

Lastly, EXERCISEEEEE. LOL. This has nothing to do with makeup, but I am on an exercise kick at the moment and I really love motivating people to join along with me. I follow the workouts from, and I love them! Now you really have to be mature about the whole thing and just focus on the exercises, because she does seem, um, intimidating. But all you have to do is try your best!!! You’re the only person who can hold you back! I love these workouts because they are quicky quick and will make you sweat like a beast! I would suggest developing your fitness levels a bit before engaging in her routines because they are quite intense. I come from a background of 30 Day Shred and P90X, and my ass gets kicked by Zuzana.

So tell me, what are your summer beauty staples?Β 


3 Responses to “Summer”

  1. Sammi June 20, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    great post! πŸ˜€

    my summer staples are CK one summer fragrance, white jeans, maxi dresses and bright nail polish! πŸ˜€

    zuzanna’s exercises look like fun but i can’t do a single push up! how long did it take you to get strong enough to do one?

    • rosegasm June 20, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

      oo haha i love white jeans too but when it’s hot i don’t like anything touching my legs. πŸ˜› maxi dresses are also good for buffet nights :X

      i can do maybe only a few full pushups, but her workouts are great because you dont have to do exactly what she does. she usually shows different modifications of each exercise for beginners πŸ™‚ i usually just go as far as i can (with good form). as long as you are pushing and trying hard, you can’t let yourself down. πŸ™‚

  2. Sammi July 15, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    I have been doing about a couple of weeks worth of zuzana’s exercises and i am so sore all the time. it must mean they r working because it feels like i’m getting stronger πŸ˜€ i am off to victorias secret now…they are having a swimsuit sale. i ❀ their swim collection. if you have time would you be interested in doing a post about bikinis (I guess a general one or your faves at the moment) and the beach (tips for makeup & such)? Have a good day!

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