Bath & Body Works, Fortune Cookie Soap, and LUSH Haulage! and my babies!

18 Jun

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is having their Hello, Yellow! sale, which features products up to 75% off! I managed to order these goodies and found a 20% coupon floating around the Internet. There was no free shipping option, so the coupon basically covered shipping and taxes.

  • PocketBac Anti-Bacterial hand gel: This was a special set they had, with 8 little hand sanitizers for $5. They retail for $1.50 each. It included 3 Peach Bellinis, 1 Fresh Lemon, and 4 other ones from their Fresh Market fruit scents. I really like these because the scents aren’t overbearing and actually last.
  •   Pink Grapefruit body lotion: It is described as, “JUICY: This seductively tangy fragrance blends fresh pink grapefruit with sweet valencia orange, mouth-watering clementine, white woods and soft musk.” I love this fresh and zesty scent, lol. One of the rare lotions I’ve actually finished before, and this is a repurchase. I find even my straight male friends to enjoy this scent and ask me for it when they are feeling dry. xD I paid $2.40 for this 8 fl oz bottle. It retails for $9.50.
  • Orange Sapphire body lotion: “an exotic blood orange fragrance inspired by the fiery passion and sunswept beaches of Brazil” I love this so so so much. The fragrance is a bold citrus, and might be strong to some people. I find it sometimes smells like men’s cologne, but I think it’s pretty sexy. This retails at $9.50 and I paid $2.10 for this.
  • Orange Sapphire EDT: “Master perfumers have layered exotic blood orange with tantalizing notes of white jasmine, golden honey and citrus sangria to create a sexy new fragrance inspired by the fiery passion and sunswept beaches of Brazil.” I usually am very hesitant about buying more than one item of the same fragrance, but I love the scent… plus the bottle is incredibly gorgeous! This 2.5 fl oz bottle retails for $29.50; I paid $5.90.

I love this bottle.

  • Slatkin & Co. scented candles: These candles are all 14.5 oz with 3 wicks. I find that its very important to buy big candles with more than one wick so they will burn evenly. I already own a couple of them (including an Orange Sapphire one, LOL) and I love how strongly scented they are without being over the top. The scent fills up my 15×15 bedroom very well. Burn time is 40-65 hours. They all retail for $19.50. I purchased them for $7.80.
    Pineapple Orchid: “Delicate white orchid blended with sweet pineapple and rich black currant.” This is a powdery floraly scent and if I sniff it enough, it starts smelling a little bit like bubblegum, lol.
    –  Juicy Nectarine: “A juicy mixture of luscious nectarine, tropical mango, and a hint of lemongrass.” Smells like a juicy peachy sorbet. My mouth is watering.
    –  Strawberry Patch: “A sparkling blend of ripe strawberries and juicy mango mingles with hints of freesia, jasmine and soft vanilla.” I don’t detect much vanilla or floral in here, but it is extremely juicy smelling. I burned this for about 30 minutes and I had to blow it out because I was getting a craving for strawberry ice cream.

These 3 items were purchased in-store, without coupons.

  • Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap in Island Margarita: The website says it has mandarin lime and white nectarine. It smells like lime taffy to me, lol. I love these soaps for cleaning my makeup brushes. They are great! I paid $2.50 for the 8 fl oz bottle (originally $5).
  • Slatkin & Co. Pomegranate Lemonade scented candle: Told ya I love these things! “Juicy pomegranate, pink grapefruit and lemon zest blend with rose petals and sugared citron.” I’m not catching too much pomegranate, but it smells like pink lemonade. I believe I paid around $10 for this.

Fortune Cookie Soap

You know I love my Fortune Cookie Soap, and a few weeks ago, they were launching a new summer collection with giveaways on BlogTV. At the end of the chat session, they had free shipping for an hour, and a discount on items from the new collection. I jumped on the chance and ordered a few things I’ve been wanting to try.

  • Dragonfruit fortune cookie: The color is so so so summery. It’s pretty much like a day-glo orangey coral. This is one of the newest scents to the company and it smells like fruity candy. Love it!
  • Whipped Cream in Something Tropical: I got a sample of the whipped cream in my last order, and I really enjoyed the texture. I ordered a tub in Something Tropical (a blend of tropical fruits, which smells divine and super summery).  I use it after I shower, and don’t find it too thick or heavy for warm days.

  • Kryptonite fortune cookie: I don’t have a photo of it because I purchased it as a gift for my cousin. It’s a neon green fortune cookie that actually glows in the dark! It smells exactly of green apples.

Like I said, they were having a contest where you have to answer some trivia questions, and the prizes were items from their new summer line. I was lucky enough to win the Hubba Hubba fortune cookie! I don’t usually like bubblegum, but I actually enjoy this scent. Smells like it has a touch of baby powder or something.

This is a sample of their body scrub that was included. 🙂 The bottom of the container popped open and it leaked a little inside my box, but the scent is very yummy, so I didn’t mind too much, lol.

Check out their new stuff! They have new bath bombs, solid conditioners, and even lip balms! 🙂


I purchased this on a whim because I am not overly familiar with LUSH products. This was sitting in a salad bar type cart, on ice, and the sales associate suggested this mask to me. It was about $6 and she said it would last around 5-6 applications, which would come out to about $1 a mask. Not a bad price. It is supposed to soothe the skin and detoxify it as well. I  have used it once and noticed it brightened my skin and also left it feeling very soft afterwards. It is a thick and goopy texture with seaweed bits, and extremely refreshing when cold. It needs to be kept refrigerated and lasts only for a few weeks before it expires. I believe it is gentle enough for everyday to every other day use.

Sunflower babies!

I’m excited for them. 🙂



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