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Help me name this! :)

20 Jun

Another post from moi? Why, yes! 🙂 I did this look tonight from sheer boredom… and I don’t have a name for it. I was inspired by vampires…. not the sparkly kind. I tried to make it look gothy and dark, but meh, it is what it is.

So much for vampiric… I had my fangs clipped. 😛

For the eyes, I smudged a light spackle of black eyeliner all over my main lid and used a dark burgundy purple shadow over it. I blended out the edges with  a red color, and for highlight, a shimmery light taupey gray. These colors were all from the ELF 100-shadow palette. I don’t looove this palette; colors are a hit or miss, but I dug my brush in there quite well and managed to get some decent color. Eyeliner was Bobbi Brown gel liner in Black Ink. I also smudged the red and burgundy colors very low on my lower lash line to make my eyes appear more tired and “dead”.

I contoured my cheeks with the lighter shade in the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow kit. It’s supppeerrrr pigmented, so I had to dust it off on my back of my hand a lot.

Lips, I used Kat Von D’s Hellbent as the main color and outlined with Bare Escentuals’ Black Currant and a little bit of black eyeliner because it wasn’t coming out dark enough in photos. I purposely kept the middle of the bottom lip untouched by Black Currant. It gives the lips a fuller look. 🙂

I know this look isn’t summery, but my favorite looks to try are the ones that are not in season. xD

What do you think? Do you like trying “off-season” looks? 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!

Oh, before you go, a friend of mine introduced her videos to me tonight and I am so thrilled!

Isn’t she so adorable?! 🙂


Request: Interview Make-up… and tips! (and my first model)

22 Feb

On one of my last posts, I received a comment from a reader, Sammi, asking for a look. You don’t know how excited I was! (I didn’t think anyone was reading this blog, lol.) So, my dear, this one is for you!

This is my go-to interview face, no matter the time of year, or the type of job. Granted, the look is very simple and clean (and devoid of any kind of shimmer), so it is very appropriate for, let’s say, an office job. If you are looking for something for a more creative position, you can go a little heavier with shadow, blush, lips, etc. 🙂

But if you’re restricted to a more conservative environment, this is perfect. You won’t look overdone, but you will still look like you made some kind of effort in your appearance. xD You don’t want your interviewer to be staring at your face and thinking, “Geez, this girl wears a lot of make-up! Obviously, she won’t be taking this job seriously if she spends that much time on her face!”, but you also don’t want them to think that you basically just rolled out of bed and put on a nice outfit and look unkempt and unpolished.

As you can see, I kept my eyes very simple. I groomed and filled in my eyebrows (because I have very sparse ones and I didn’t dye them to match my hair….) with a taupe pencil (Wet N Wild in Taupe) and used a tinted brow gel (ELF Treat and Tame in Light) to color it. We want our eyebrows to be defined and shaped, but still very natural.

For shadows, I stuck to the NYX Trio called “Highlight/Brown/Suede”. I applied the Highlight shade all over my lid and brow bone. I then applied black liner (no wing here!) and smudged that slightly with the Brown shade from the trio. One coat of mascara just on the top lashes; applying on the bottom can look overdone. I used a white eyeliner on the lower waterline to brighten up my eyes. We want to look awake, and happy, lol!

In terms of the face, I used a natural looking foundation, and concealer just to cover any under-eye circles or dark spots. You want to look well-rested and ready to work!

For cheeks, I kept it natural (are you sick of this word yet? lol) with a cream blush from Stila. You can use basically any muted rose or peachy color, as long as it gives you a subtle glow. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot pink blushes, but it isn’t really appropriate (darn!). :\ Cream blushes are also easier to blend into the skin. I used my Sonia Kashuk highlighting (stippling) brush, and just dabbed and blended it into the outer parts of my cheeks.

As for lips, I like to brighten it up a bit and use a brighter peachy lipstick. You can always just use a clear lip balm, but I like the way this Revlon lipstick makes my skin glow. 🙂 Again, we want to look happy and glowy!

ELF Complete Coverage Concealer in Light
Neutrogena Healthy Skin in 60 Natural Beige (I know many people compare this to NARS Sheer Glow, but this is so much better — SG settles into my laugh lines even with a primer. This doesn’t!)
NYX e/s trio in Highlight/Brown/Suede
Revlon Colorburst l/s in Peach
Stila Dual Lip and Cheek Color in Peony
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
ELF Treat and Tame in Light
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil in Taupe
NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Volume Black
NYX e/l in White

For hair, keep it simple. Don’t try to curl it if your hair isn’t naturally wavy or curly. Demonstrate good hygiene, lol. In the photo, I have mine half-up, clipped back with a claw clip. If you have bangs like me and they tend to get unruly, make sure you have some kind of product that will hold it, or clip it away from your face all-together. You don’t want to be flipping and readjusting anything during your meeting! It’s very distracting!

I also like to keep my earrings and jewelry simple. Pearl stud earrings for me. You don’t want your interviewer to be distracted with anything other than your personality and your resume!

Always remember to smile and remain upbeat and confident, no matter how tough the questions may be. Do your homework on the company and remember to ask questions (always have AT LEAST one)!!!

Thank you, Sammi, for requesting this look, and I hope it has helped you! I hope to receive more of your lovely feedback and ideas in the future! Have a great day and good luck!

Okay, this part is kinda random, but my friend asked me to do a dramatic look on her, and I used a look by MissChievous. I didn’t follow her tutorial (or watch it) before attempting this look; I used a still shot of her eyes and adjusted the technique to be suitable for my friend’s eye shape (Asian double eyelids) and the products I own.

Thank you Diana for being such a [patient] trooper!

Hehe ;)

31 Jan

I’ve been lazy lazy lazy about writing, but I’m busy trying to group my law school applications together. 🙂 I’ve been using make-up as an outlet and played with colors and different looks when I’m bored or stressed out. Hope you enjoy them!

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this one… I was playing with the idea of a gold lid, and the rest just kinda came together…. I darkened/thickened my brow quite a bit, but it’s obvious I need some practice, lol.

I used a NYX Pearl Mania pigment in Gold Pearl with a mixing medium, and applied it wet. I created a crease with some brown and black shadow. The lower waterline is another NYX Pearl Mania in Space. Brought some gold onto the inner corner just under the blue. Everything else is black eyeliner. 🙂 For cheeks, I used MAC Light Over Dark for a bronzed look, and lips was some leftover foundation on my brush (lol) and leftover gold from the eyes.

This came about right after the big snowstorm on the East coast this past week. Thought tropical colors would be fun. 🙂

Applied NYX Chrome e/s in Sunny Day (wet) all over the lid, then blended the edge and crease with NYX Tropical e/s. Using NYX Chrome e/s in Yellow, I blended that orange out, and also applied some on the inner half of my eye (next to my nose). Deepened outer corner with NYX Pearl Mania in Purple. Applied more Yellow under the Purple on the lower outer corner.

Need I say more? 🙂 Very old Hollywood.

For lid, I kept it really matte and neutral. Used a cheap e/s that’s slightly lighter than my skin color. For my brow, I used a matte white, because I really wanted it to pop (I have flat features). I defined my crease with Benefit’s Soft Shoulder and patted some NYX Deep Brown on the outer edge of my eye. To achieve the winged eyeliner, I used some tape on the outer edge of my eye to create a guideline. Cheeks were kept neutral and natural, with some slight contouring. For my lips, I have on NYC Retro Red. Only 99 cents! 🙂 Not really obvious here, but I applied a little bit of NYX Round l/g in Golden Red on the middle of my bottom lip. It’s a red that is sheerish, with a nice tint and gold flecks. So pretty and perfect for red lipsticks!

I have never… & eyelash curlers!

29 Dec

…finished a full-sized cosmetic item before.

In the past, I’ve only come close to finishing a product *ONLY BECAUSE* I am a complete butterfingers with a distinct lack of physical grace (I’m a Libra, but alas, I was not blessed as such), and I drop EVERYTHING. Mostly it’s because my vanity is the top of my IKEA Malm dresser. And yes, things end up on the floor, shattered. My bedroom floor becomes a rainbowed mess of eyeshadows, bronzers, and other powders. 😦

I also partially blame this phenomenon on my inability to commit to a single product. I am a true beauty junkie and I cannot seem to buy enough make-up. ***And I am currently obsessed and drawn to blushes!***

For 2011, as my beauty resolution, I vow to finish a full-sized product—that I have not dropped/destroyed/depleted in some way other than regular use.

What is your beauty resolution?

Oh yes, my best friend’s family went to Hong Kong these past few weeks, and I received a present. 🙂

I have never heard of Cyber Colors, but I was super excited to get a Shu curler. Yes, they both come with 1 extra pad.

Cyber Colors, Shu Uemura, Shiseido — notice how Shiseido opens up a lot wider! Great for false lashes when you are curling real lashes and falsies together. (they are opened at their widest)

Cyber Colors, Shu Uemura, Shiseido — this is the widest they open!

Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Cyber Colors — Look how much flatter Shiseido is!!! I think this is so well-loved amongst Asians because of our “less contoured”, AKA “flatter” features. I admit it. Sometimes I look like I have a flat face. -___-; Anyway, I think it would be more appropriate for monolids or maybe just anyone who has a flatter eye surface.

Here I am demonstrating the before and afters of using the  Shiseido and Shu Uemura curlers. Please don’t judge the eyebags (it’s almost 4am and I have washed off all my make-up already) or say something stupid about how small my eyes are. They are small. Yes, I’m aware. They do not have a crease. Yes, I’m aware of that too. Thanks!

What’s your opinion?

My personal conclusion that they are basically the same… except that it was harder for me to fit all my lashes into the Shu curler ONLY because I was used to the wide “mouth” of the Shiseido curler. It gave me a larger space to position my lashes into. Both were developed by Asian brands, catering towards (but not limited to!) Asian features.  Both retail for $19. The Shu curler isn’t as readily available as the Shiseido. I have not seen the curlers in Sephora (in-store) for a while, BUT I know for a fact the Shiseido curler is available on As for Shu, it is no longer available at Sephora (both in-store and online), but you can find it at Shu Uemura.

Thanks for stopping by!

Make-up I’ve been dillydallying with… and new favorite hair dye!

9 Dec

I’m admittedly really lazy about updating, lol. Nothing really crazy. I’ve been trying to go easy on the make-up because my skin is throwing tantrums. The pictures don’t show the chaos, due to great foundation/concealer, lighting, angles, and um, *coughretouchingcough*. 😛

It’s slowly starting to clear up again… Maybe my skin just didn’t like Fall. It’s super chilly in NYC (20s-30s). My skin is oddly becoming more on the dry side. Not even combination anymore… just dry. Very interesting change from a super oily summer.

Frosty 🙂

Green eyes and pink lips! Purty. 😀

Navy smoky eye with a faked crease and winged liner, and mascara. Take that, monolids!

inspired by Michelle Phan’s New Year’s Glam look.
Yes, I only did one side of my face to test out the look.

Maybe I’ll come up with something festive for Christmas. Mebbe.

I need to re-dye my hair.

I followed Eki’s (blogger/YouTuber)  recommendation/review to use L’Oreal Preference True Brunette in UL61 (Ultra Light Ash Brown—and made for dark hair!), and I had my sister apply it for me… It was very patchy because I only used one box for my longish hair… yikes. Haha. I did like the color, though it washed out/faded pretty quickly, despite being really careful with products. =\ I’m just glad it didn’t fry up my hair like a donut like the Feria Downtown Brown I used over the summer. ICK. But I really enjoy the Ultra Light Ash Brown, so I will be sticking to it! 😀 Only downside was that my hair still looks reddish. *Shakes fist* I chose “ash” because it’s going to be more cooler, thus canceling out the red… but alas… Maybe if I used two boxes, it will work better.

Got no direction, just got my vamp!

19 Nov

Sorry for being away. Work held me up a lot, and I got let go yesterday… 😦 But bleh, I have another interview lined up for tomorrow, so the clouds are quickly disappearing. 🙂 Anywhoos, onto the point of this entry:

I was inspired by this video:

I’ve always been curious about the vamp look, but I’ve never been able to get around to doing it. Upset from the news yesterday, I was catching up on make-up videos and was inspired to follow this tutorial.

Of course, this look is very dramatic, and the eyes can always be paired with a nude lip for a more wearable option.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Tarte Peep Show Eyeshadow Palette in Oynx (silver color all over lid, then charcoal color in inner corner and outer corner)
NYX Black eyeshadow (to define/darken charcoal color)
NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in Lilac (to blend out black to browbone)
ELF matte beige shadow (highlight browbone)
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
**Lashes from E-Bay**

Revlon Photoready Foundation in 008 Golden Beige
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35
Maybelline SuperStay Concealer in Cream
NYX Mosiac Powder in Champagne

[nude] Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude *I LOVE THIS!)
[nude] NYX Girls Gloss in Whipped
[red & black] Rimmel Eye Kohl in Black
[red & black] NYC Color lipstick in Retro Red
[red & black] NYX Girls Gloss in Golden Red

Now that that is out of the way, here was my look for Halloween!

This was taken the second night I wore the costume.

Getting ready on Saturday. 😉

I was out on the Saturday before Halloween to a few parties and my friend drew the ivy for me. On Halloween Sunday, I had to do the vines myself and I went off to the Village Halloween Parade. 🙂 Lots of fun, BUT SO COLD. Next year, my friend and I plan on being the Ice Climbers from Super Smash Bros., so we won’t freeze. 🙂

I suppose that’s all for now, folks! Pray I get the new job so I can has more monies to buy moar make-ups. 😀 ❤

A subtle way to wear color :)

24 Oct

I’ve been posting very basic looks for my readers who aren’t a whole lot invested in make-up. I’m purposely keeping looks simple for their sake, as well as my time crunches in the morning. I don’t want to spend 15 minutes blending in 5 shadows. I wish I did. :X


I wore some teal pigment on my lower lashline. It’s a perfectly safe and subtle way to wear a pop of color to have a little bit of fun or even enhance your eye color. I kept the top lid relatively neutral, using a pale shimmery beige/gold on my entire lid, and a milk-chocolate matte brown in my crease to contour. For my base, I didn’t go my usual route and use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but I went with an eye crayon from Victoria’s Secret PINK.

I’m also wearing GEO Angel lenses in Green. 🙂 Lashes are once again from F21.

Foundation-wise, I’ve ditched my summer full-coverage foundations because my skin has been getting very dry. Lately, I’ve been favoring Revlon’s PhotoReady. I wear shade 008 Golden Beige, but it’s a shy too pink for my very yellowy/olivey complexion. 😦 I do notice a lot of shimmer on my hand when I apply, but not so obvious on my face. It leaves a dewy/shimmery finish that I actually don’t mind a whole lot, despite my obsession with staying matte.

For cheeks, I originally went with a rosy color, but needed a little bit more warmth so I used the NYX Orange cream blush as an afterthought. Laura Mercier Bronzing Duo in Pink Bronze was my contour for my cheeks. (o^_^o) ‘Cause I’m all chubby cheeked like that.

Lips were very simple. NYX Orange Soda lipstick (again!) and NYC  Lip Sliders in Sugar Coated as gloss.


  • Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion
  • Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion SPF 38
  • Revlon PhotoReady in 008 Golden Beige
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35
  • Sam Fung Hoi Tong Face Powder


  • VS Pink Me Up Chubby Eye Crayon in Beatbox
  • F21 eyeshadow palette in Brown (I used a mix of the first two colors only)
  • The Body Shop Eye Color Matte in 09
  • ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
  • NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Turquoise Pearl
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof in Very Black
  • LashGrip Lash Adhesive in Clear
  • L’Oreal Lineur Intense in Black
  • [not shown] F21 false eyelashes


  • ELF Studio Blush in Blushing Rose
  • NYX Cream Rouge in Orange
  • Laura Mercier Bronzing Duo in Pink Bronze (the brown shade)


  • NYX round lipstick in Orange Soda
  • NYC Lip Sliders in Sugar Coated (MAC Boy Bait dupe!)

Onto the clothes!

Yay comfy outfit! 🙂 The giant sweater/cardigan is from Hong Kong; my grandmother sent it over a few years ago. I actually wear it around the house. :X It’s not exactly the most flattering sweater in the world, but it’s superrrrr comfortable. Plus, I wasn’t out to impress any boys. 😛 I did, however, look naked from behind because my skirt was shorter that the sweater, haha.

The bag is a present from my dad to my mom when they were still dating, circa 1985. Adorable, eh? ❤ I love it.

The rest of my outfit is a plain v-neck t-shirt from American Eagle and a teal skirt and a brown belt with weave details, both from F21. I love the skirt because of the pockets and weave detail as well. Bracelet is from a small jewelery store along 14th St. Shoes are from Bakers.

This feather cape is so awesome, LOL. From F21 (34th Street), and there was only one, in a XS. Barely fit my neck, but I thought this was fun to try on anyways. 😛

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂