AHHH! Fortune Cookie Soap Haul!

24 Mar

Fortune Cookie Soap is a company I heard about from Leesha a while back, and for Christmas, I ordered a few products as stocking stuffers. I fell in love immediately!

Their soap is glycerin-based, so it is extremely lovely for dry skin, and won’t leave any nasty chemicals. It is also paraben and SLS-free. I do suffer dry skin on my legs and arms (with keratosis pilaris AKA “chicken skin” on my upper  arms). I received one as a gift as well (my friend and I made a joint order… and my gift was in there, lol), and the first one I tried was “Pink Power”. Oh lordie lord, this stuff smells lovely! Like… PINK. Haha, that’s a terrible description, but it just smells so girly and lovely, exactly my type! It also comes with a small (and witty) fortune tucked inside… like a real fortune cookie! 🙂

I noticed that the soap does not foam very well — glycerin soaps are not supposed to. But they are extremely gentle and nourishing, and really great for those with eczema. My skin didn’t feel stripped of moisture, but felt slightly supple to the touch. Usually, I would associate dryness with cleanliness, but honestly, I do not feel “dirty”, lol. Or maybe it’s just because I enjoyed the whole showering experience so much it doesn’t really cross my mind… Now I am not being paid or sponsored by FCS, I’ve spent a good deal of money shopping from them (and Shannon is awesome!), so I can say this: ever since I started using the soaps, every other soap I have in my bathroom (Dove, C.O. Bigelow, Olay, Bath & Body Works, etc.) just does not make my skin happy. Yup. For realz, haha.

So this time, I decided to make another order, because I noticed some new things for spring, and also, to try out some other items from them. I didn’t get any fortune cookie-shaped ones for myself.

*not shown is the Pink Watermelon/Seeds of Love, a fortune cookie, and its proceeds go to helping Japan.. and it smells like a watermelon soda!*

Clearly Complexion ($7.50): It smells a lot like tea tree oil, an antibacterial ingredient that can help with acne. Can’t wait to try, especially with the way my skin likes to misbehave. It’s a dove-gray color, and although the top looks rough, the whole bar is smooth. I recommend cutting this up into smaller blocks and leaving it in a soap dish by the sink, so it won’t melt as quickly. 🙂
**update**: I used this tonight after removing my make-up and I found it to initially clean my skin of oils and didn’t feel dehydrated after I rinsed off. It actually felt quite nice. However, after a few minutes, I felt my skin tighten. When I got out of the shower, my face felt indeed very tight. I suspect it is the kaolin clay in this. I would recommend this to anyone with oily skin, rather than my dry/combo variety.  My skin is sensitive and breaks out to anything too moisturizing or too drying, but I don’t think this will break me out. I am pretty dry for the most part, but after a few hours I get oily mostly on my nose. This might be a better soap for me to use once or twice a week, and maybe bumping up to three to four times a week when it gets into the middle of summer, when I will definitely be oilier.

Creamy Dreamy Oatmeal Cookie ($6.95): One of my *favoritest* (not a real word, I know) scents in a soap. Oatmeal sounds funky, but it is so incredibly relaxing and comforting. The top and the bottom of the soap has little oatmeal chunks, perfect for exfoliating (ahem, summer legs!).

Bar Soap Sample Pack ($6.95): A bag of 11 samples of their bar soaps. If you’re like me and love switching soaps and love trying new ones, this is perfect. =)

In the Loop Bar Soap (with Groovy soap dish) ($10.20): This soap is so adorable! Literally smells like Froot Loops and milk… You know when you’re at the bottom of the bowl and you stick your face in the bowl to drink the rest of the sugar-sweetened milk? Yup. That’s the scent. Childhood memories galore. =) I chose to add the Groovy soap dish for an extra $2.95. (The soap itself is $7.25.) The soap dish is grooved with four holes in the middle to drain your soap. It will allow the soap to dry and not melt in your shower (unless you keep it right under the faucet, which is a no-no anyway). FYI, it is actually cheaper to add it to a soap you are purchasing than to add it to your cart separately.

Cupcake Bar Soap ($6.95): I. LOVE. THIS. Upon first gaze, I knew I had to have it. How freakin’ adorable is this!??!? It smells EXACTLY like a cupcake… and the frosting? Oh, my word… THE FROSTING! I was so tempted to eat it. Seriously. I wanted to eat soap. I shake my fist at you, FCS, for making this so delicious smelling (and looking!), but I will instead give you a ginormous hug for being so awesome. ❤ I don’t plan on using this at all… but rather as a decoration for my vanity. So, every time I do my make-up, I will see this sweet little cupcake and smile. The only thing I would say is that the frosting is a little mushy (it made me wonder if it was REAL)… But other than that… lurve. 🙂

This thing is huge!!!!

Hubba Hubba Body Butter (sample): I saw this cute little container tucked in under my soaps. 🙂 It smells like Dubble Bubble! Ahhh! ❤ I tried it on the back of my hand and it sinks into the skin really well, so no greasy residue. Plus, this is a very generous sample!

Hello Kitty likes cupcakes!

Hello Kitty likes cupcakes too.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

The only downside is that shipping is kinda pricey. I was able to justify it with a St. Patrick’s coupon code… But if you give them your e-mail, they will send you a 10% coupon for your purchase. =) And customer service is outstanding. Shannon is super friendly and sweet!  You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter for specials and new items.

Thank you so much for the awesome products! Keep up the good work!
Now, if you made a cupcake lip balm… I would be all over that… Yum.

TIP: If you plan on storing the soaps in the same box or container, wrap them up separately, or in a baggie, so the scents don’t mix.

FTC: I am not sponsored by Fortune Cookie Soap; I paid for everything with my own money. My reviews are purely my own opinions.


Request: Interview Make-up… and tips! (and my first model)

22 Feb

On one of my last posts, I received a comment from a reader, Sammi, asking for a look. You don’t know how excited I was! (I didn’t think anyone was reading this blog, lol.) So, my dear, this one is for you!

This is my go-to interview face, no matter the time of year, or the type of job. Granted, the look is very simple and clean (and devoid of any kind of shimmer), so it is very appropriate for, let’s say, an office job. If you are looking for something for a more creative position, you can go a little heavier with shadow, blush, lips, etc. 🙂

But if you’re restricted to a more conservative environment, this is perfect. You won’t look overdone, but you will still look like you made some kind of effort in your appearance. xD You don’t want your interviewer to be staring at your face and thinking, “Geez, this girl wears a lot of make-up! Obviously, she won’t be taking this job seriously if she spends that much time on her face!”, but you also don’t want them to think that you basically just rolled out of bed and put on a nice outfit and look unkempt and unpolished.

As you can see, I kept my eyes very simple. I groomed and filled in my eyebrows (because I have very sparse ones and I didn’t dye them to match my hair….) with a taupe pencil (Wet N Wild in Taupe) and used a tinted brow gel (ELF Treat and Tame in Light) to color it. We want our eyebrows to be defined and shaped, but still very natural.

For shadows, I stuck to the NYX Trio called “Highlight/Brown/Suede”. I applied the Highlight shade all over my lid and brow bone. I then applied black liner (no wing here!) and smudged that slightly with the Brown shade from the trio. One coat of mascara just on the top lashes; applying on the bottom can look overdone. I used a white eyeliner on the lower waterline to brighten up my eyes. We want to look awake, and happy, lol!

In terms of the face, I used a natural looking foundation, and concealer just to cover any under-eye circles or dark spots. You want to look well-rested and ready to work!

For cheeks, I kept it natural (are you sick of this word yet? lol) with a cream blush from Stila. You can use basically any muted rose or peachy color, as long as it gives you a subtle glow. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot pink blushes, but it isn’t really appropriate (darn!). :\ Cream blushes are also easier to blend into the skin. I used my Sonia Kashuk highlighting (stippling) brush, and just dabbed and blended it into the outer parts of my cheeks.

As for lips, I like to brighten it up a bit and use a brighter peachy lipstick. You can always just use a clear lip balm, but I like the way this Revlon lipstick makes my skin glow. 🙂 Again, we want to look happy and glowy!

ELF Complete Coverage Concealer in Light
Neutrogena Healthy Skin in 60 Natural Beige (I know many people compare this to NARS Sheer Glow, but this is so much better — SG settles into my laugh lines even with a primer. This doesn’t!)
NYX e/s trio in Highlight/Brown/Suede
Revlon Colorburst l/s in Peach
Stila Dual Lip and Cheek Color in Peony
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
ELF Treat and Tame in Light
Wet N Wild Brow Pencil in Taupe
NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Volume Black
NYX e/l in White

For hair, keep it simple. Don’t try to curl it if your hair isn’t naturally wavy or curly. Demonstrate good hygiene, lol. In the photo, I have mine half-up, clipped back with a claw clip. If you have bangs like me and they tend to get unruly, make sure you have some kind of product that will hold it, or clip it away from your face all-together. You don’t want to be flipping and readjusting anything during your meeting! It’s very distracting!

I also like to keep my earrings and jewelry simple. Pearl stud earrings for me. You don’t want your interviewer to be distracted with anything other than your personality and your resume!

Always remember to smile and remain upbeat and confident, no matter how tough the questions may be. Do your homework on the company and remember to ask questions (always have AT LEAST one)!!!

Thank you, Sammi, for requesting this look, and I hope it has helped you! I hope to receive more of your lovely feedback and ideas in the future! Have a great day and good luck!

Okay, this part is kinda random, but my friend asked me to do a dramatic look on her, and I used a look by MissChievous. I didn’t follow her tutorial (or watch it) before attempting this look; I used a still shot of her eyes and adjusted the technique to be suitable for my friend’s eye shape (Asian double eyelids) and the products I own.

Thank you Diana for being such a [patient] trooper!

Little Sephora Haul (OPI Polishes!)

18 Feb

I saw in my Beauty Insider e-mail for a free OPI nail polish (Access 24/7) with any online order, and I HAD to get it. T_T Plus, certain OPI shades were on sale for $5 (originally $9).

2 coats each, no base coat, no top coat

I got:

– Access 24/7 – “opaque juicy magenta pink”
– Special Request – “opaque modern tangerine coral”
– Fancy Schmancy – “sheer metallic silver”
– Run with it! – “opaque metallic dove gray”
– IM Beauty – “opaque bright yellow buttercup”

I really love OPI polishes because they go on really smoothly and applies really well.

I was looking most forward to IM Beauty because I’ve been hounding for a pastel yellow polish for a while now. It’s still not the shade I want, but I’m not entirely unhappy with it. Here I compare it to other yellow polishes I own:

**3 coats to achieve opacity (though the Sally Hansen was opaque within 2 coats), no base coat, no top coat

Sephora by OPI IM Beauty, Forever 21 Love & Beauty Light Yellow, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening

Special Request happens to be my favorite, just because I love coral nails, especially for summer. Here I compare it to similar polishes I own:

**3 coats to achieve opacity, no base coat, no top coat

Pure Ice Coral Reef, Sephora by OPI Special Request, Revlon Tropical Temptation, OPI Off With Her Red!, Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up

Access 24/7 is a nice bright hot pink. I only have one other color to compare it to, “Flirt Alert” from Pure Ice. I bought mine at Walmart a few years ago. I’m not sure where else they have them… The Flirt Alert’s first coat was nearly  completely opaque while the Access 24/7 was still sheer.

**after 1 coat

Pure Ice Flirt Alert, Sephora by OPI Access 24/7

**2-3 coats each, no base coat, no top coat

Next is the Run with it! polish. I imagined it to be a little lighter, and contemplated returning it before I tried it. But I tried it on anyway, and I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s a lot prettier on the nail than the bottle.

**2 coats (only!), no base coat, no top coat

Sephora by OPI Run with it!, Maybelline Express Finish Gray-T Glamour

Last, but not least, is Fancy Schmancy. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but it really doesn’t look silver to me. It sure is sparkly… and sheer. I normally don’t wear shimmery nails (I like opaque cremes), and it was a baby blue color in the bottle with a grayish tinge to it. Looks gross in the bottle actually, like some really tacky nail polish from Bonne Belle you bought as a kid with your $5 weekly allowance. On the nail, it actually looks quite pretty. The shimmers are very fine, but they are not especially easy to remove (unlike cremes)… but a lot easier than glitter polishes. Oh, yes, I really have nothing to compare this to…

**3 gloppy coats later.., no base coat, no top coat

My nails now…

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Mint

**3 coats (I like it VERY opaque!), Seche Clear – base coat, Seche Vite – top coat

Yeah, I know. I really suck at painting my nails and it gets really messy… I just kind of let it wash off when I’m in the shower, lol.

New HG moisturizer… & my next look?

9 Feb

Dr. Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer.

Holy moly. My face literally feels like a baby’s bottom. And it smells like rosesss! 😀 Lightweight and moisturizing, and I can’t stop touching my face after! I believe it has anti-aging properties as well. Appropriate for day and night. Contains no sunscreen, so if this is to be my only moisturizer, I will have to use some extra sunblock or BB cream.

Only thing is that for 2 oz, it is $60+ at Sephora. They have a smaller size for $10 for .5 oz, which is a waay better deal. However, someone commented on how they aren’t the same things… weird, much? I think I’m going to stock up on the small ones anyway (which is the one I tried)….


**EDIT: 02/18/11**

Oh yeah, I went back to Sephora and got 3 more jars. Obsessed, I yam.


My next make-up look will be…

*drum roll*


As in,

drag KING.

Hahaha, I’m so excited. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been studying Youtube videos of girls who have done so, including “Jared Leto girl”. Most people used eyeliner for facial hair, but one lady in particular used mascara and went over her natural peach fuzz. Ideas, ideas.

**EDIT 02/18/11**

LOL, what do you think?

Monolid-Friendly Emo-ish Goth-ish Super Smokey Eyes!

8 Feb

I don’t know what it is about winter that makes me just want to have super dark eyes, and I finally came up with something that I am proud of.

I used the original Urban Decay Primer Potion as an initial base, then some black gel liner (ELF) all over the entire lid and blended slightly past the brow bone. As a monolid, I know the crease/brow bone won’t be so apparent. Not to worry! Just tilt your head back and *gently* use the end of a brush to kinda feel around for the contours.

I used a fluffy brush to blend out the black and created a winged shape. I set everything with a navy shadow with a satin finish (not matte, not super shimmery). Took some matte white shadow (ELF Beauty Encyclopedia) and used that as a highlight on the brow bone. Then using a dark brown shadow (NYX Deep Brown) and a super fluffy brush, I softly blended the blue into the white.

To deepen the crease, I had to go back with some more gel liner and carve out a crease (once again, try the tilting trick). I set that with black shadow (NYX Black) to really make it pop. I finished off with a dark shimmery charcoal shadow (ELF Beauty Encyclopedia) on the middle of my lid to add some dimension.

For the lower part, I basically used the black gel liner/navy shadow combo and lined it with a jet black waterproof liner (Stila Smudge Stick in Stingray).

And oh yes, super full lashes on top, and half lashes on the lower lid. They are not comfortable to wear together…. ><

Contoured nose and cheekbones. No blush!

For lips, I used only a nude lipstick (Revlon Soft Nude), no gloss.

Of course, you can substitute the navy for any dark color of your choice. I just happen to like the blue undertone of this smokey eye. 🙂

Hehe ;)

31 Jan

I’ve been lazy lazy lazy about writing, but I’m busy trying to group my law school applications together. 🙂 I’ve been using make-up as an outlet and played with colors and different looks when I’m bored or stressed out. Hope you enjoy them!

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this one… I was playing with the idea of a gold lid, and the rest just kinda came together…. I darkened/thickened my brow quite a bit, but it’s obvious I need some practice, lol.

I used a NYX Pearl Mania pigment in Gold Pearl with a mixing medium, and applied it wet. I created a crease with some brown and black shadow. The lower waterline is another NYX Pearl Mania in Space. Brought some gold onto the inner corner just under the blue. Everything else is black eyeliner. 🙂 For cheeks, I used MAC Light Over Dark for a bronzed look, and lips was some leftover foundation on my brush (lol) and leftover gold from the eyes.

This came about right after the big snowstorm on the East coast this past week. Thought tropical colors would be fun. 🙂

Applied NYX Chrome e/s in Sunny Day (wet) all over the lid, then blended the edge and crease with NYX Tropical e/s. Using NYX Chrome e/s in Yellow, I blended that orange out, and also applied some on the inner half of my eye (next to my nose). Deepened outer corner with NYX Pearl Mania in Purple. Applied more Yellow under the Purple on the lower outer corner.

Need I say more? 🙂 Very old Hollywood.

For lid, I kept it really matte and neutral. Used a cheap e/s that’s slightly lighter than my skin color. For my brow, I used a matte white, because I really wanted it to pop (I have flat features). I defined my crease with Benefit’s Soft Shoulder and patted some NYX Deep Brown on the outer edge of my eye. To achieve the winged eyeliner, I used some tape on the outer edge of my eye to create a guideline. Cheeks were kept neutral and natural, with some slight contouring. For my lips, I have on NYC Retro Red. Only 99 cents! 🙂 Not really obvious here, but I applied a little bit of NYX Round l/g in Golden Red on the middle of my bottom lip. It’s a red that is sheerish, with a nice tint and gold flecks. So pretty and perfect for red lipsticks!

Edgy clubbing look for monolids

11 Jan

I created a cut-crease-ish look for monolids. It’s perfect for clubbing! 😉

Featuring royal blue (NYX Atlantic over a black base), lavender (NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in Lilac above blue), charcoal (MAC Nehru), and silver (NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in Platinum on lower lash line). Light contouring and pink blush (MAC Well Dressed), and nude pink gloss (NYC lip tin).